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How To Increase Smartphone Battery Life

Now total smartphone user in the world is almost 3.77 billion. And every smartphone user has a headache about their smartphone battery life. It’s true that most of the smartphone user feed up phone twice a day or even three-four times. They complain that their phone battery does not backup as new condition its drain too faster. This is very horrible when you are ready to go out of the home and you are feeling worried about your phone charge.

Anyway, we are now at point “How to increase our smartphone battery lif?” It is easy to increase your phone battery life by flowing some simple steps and maintain some rules.


Dim the phone screen: Do you like to see your smartphone display brighter all time? Then you have to know that display brightness is a no-1 enemy to drain the battery faster. You should set the brightness level to a minimum when you are in indoor.

Set screen sleep time:This is another most common cause to drain the battery faster. By default phone, sleep time is after 30 seconds. It means your display go to sleep mode after 30 seconds. Now check your display settings. If you have set it to 1 minute then make it to 30 seconds.

Stop Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS : If you are not using Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS right now then stop those issue.
When your wifi turned on, it works to find new wifi active device and it consumes your power. So you should turn off those options after using those.

Turn off vibration: If you prefer vibration than the ring, you have to off vibration. Cause vibration use much more power than playing ring.

Prefer Wifi than Cell data: It’s proved that wifi uses less signal where cell data use much. when Cell data uses much power then normal it consumes much power. Where wifi has the strong signal, there you should use wifi to connect with friends and family.

Don’t use the third party power saving app: There are many power saving apps in Android market and Apple store. I suggest you skip those apps. They consume power and drain battery in the background. So you should avoid those apps.

Other Issue to drain the battery faster: If your phone battery is old then it would be drained faster. It will better if you change it.
Some times our wrong charging methond cause demage
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